641WEST DESIGN: 1530 8TH ST.


1530 8th St. | Boulder | 80302
Architecture: 641West Design

Built 2008; 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2,800 square feet

The 8th Street house is located in central/downtown Boulder in a vibrant and transitional area. It was constructed on a very tight budget, yet not compromising living quality and finishes. The house is referred to as the “wall” house since the north side of the house forms a wall or barrier between the alley and the house.

To strengthen this idea, most of the functions such as washing, cooking, and laundry are placed on the “wall” side. Towards the south side the house nicely opens up with decks and outdoor spaces and sleeping on the upper levels.

The house was partially pre-fabricated, using SIP panels. Pre-cut panels create little to no waste, are extremely strong and have a much better energy performance compared to traditional building. The house is heated by radiant in floor heat as well European inspired radiators (upper level). The house is wired and plumbed for solar energy and solar hot water.

Exterior photography by Marcel de Lange and Michael deLeon. Interior photography by Shawn Lortie.

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